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Obsession: Fear

Whats up with this obsession with FEAR- Why are we afraid to fail?

When was the last time you saw a baby try to learn to walk .. Stand and fall, stand up try again, fall.. Then say ahh you know what? Maybe walking isn’t for me!


That just doesn’t happen. But WHY do we do that as adults? Suddenly we stop going after what we NEED in life. Why?

FEAR. That’s why.

Fear that someone you love will be let down IF  you fail.

There are two things wrong with this statement… Let me break it down for you:

  1. Fear that someone you love will be let down: You were born alone in this world. (Even as a twin, you came out first or second) You were born to thrive and be excellent in your craft. You and ONLY you know what is put in your heart. How can we be afraid when other people simply don’t KNOW what was put in YOUR – and only your heart.
  2. IF you fail: Heres the problem. As an adult with WHATEVER YOU DO there is failure involved. Period. So if you’re saying you won’t follow your dreams because you’re afraid of failure only GUARANTEES failing at your dreams. Pick your poison! What do you want to fail at? Because I MUCH rather stumble on my way UP stairs then tumble on my way DOWN.

I was there for a while. Somewhat embarrassed for wanting more, going against the grain. But I’ve come to a point now, where I’m EMBARRASSED NOT perusing my dreams. The mere thought of not reaching my goal is mortifying, much more so than my fear of letting anyone “down” temporarily.

I am capable of GREATNESS. Not because I’m special. Not because I drink a special juice or take a special pill. I am capable of greatness because I was created in Gods image and I am POWERFUL.

Success is inevitable for me– it makes me lose sleep. I’m OBSESSED with gaining control of my life. My time. My family. My finances.

I’m NOT ok with surviving. I’m not complacent with how society dictates mundane lives. I NEED to LIVE while I’m alive, and have no problems BUSTING MY ASS now to get there.

-Cooky  ????


Stock Photo by Cathryn Lavery on Unsplash


  • Jessica Nelson August 14, 2016

    Great post and I agree!!

    • Cooky August 17, 2016

      Thank you Jessica!!

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