Why you’re the problem


Have you ever gotten really excited about something. I mean, a diet,a new idea, new project.?…

Say to yourself …’This is it! I’m going to follow this diet to the tee. I’m going to  start my own business. I’m going to start running in the morning. ‘

But after a few months.. days.. shoot, even hours… that feeling just goes away and you  no longer are as motivated?
Do you feel  motivated when you find a cool quote propped on a meme with a dope background?
Take a hard honest look (no one is watching) at yourself and ask yourself : Do I need someone to motivate me?
… to tell me I’m doing great constantly?
…to aAssure me that I’m on the right track?

If so,
Then YOU’RE the problem.
Point blank.

Stop waiting on permission to be passionate about LIFE and get SELF motivated to do great things.

So many people walk around like zombies in their every day life. Walk around COMPLAINING about things they can CHANGE but refuse to. (Why the hell are you even wasting your breath complaining? Do you like hearing yourself adult – whining?)

Get off your ASS and get excited about what you’re doing. I don’t care if you’re pumping gas in your 96 Corolla with the last $20 until payday NEXT WEEK. Pump with passion.
Live a purposeful life full of passion. Motivate YOURSELF.

Listen to what you say to yourself when you speak to yourself. 80% of the time is US we’re speaking to. So be careful about what you tell yourself, because you speak things into existence.

How, Cooky? How do I get motivated?
Listen, I don’t know. That’s on you. WHY are you working? Why are you alive? Why do you love? Whyyyy.
Find your WHY in life- and you will wake up every day, on fire ? burning with passion. Motivation is just a side effect.

– Cooky.



Operation: New Master Shower [PART 1: DEMOLITION]

We moved into our home back in 2010 when my husband and I were just dating, and while I thought it was a very nice place, it just isn’t my dream home. Everything is very beige, builder grade, beige, generic and beige. Super BLAH. Anywho we’ve made tons of changes, and apparently what I liked when I was 20 is NOTHING like what I like at 26, so HUGE changes to come.

Change number one: Master Bathroom. My. Goodness. There is so much wrong with it. Let me start with the fact that it was (not so) thoughtfully decorated with wallpaper, which I was able to rip out in one day with a bit of hot water and fabric softener. Then there’s the beige floor tiles, and the builder grade cabinets, with the beige countertop, and beige toilet, beige tub… lastly, the beige shower. Luckily for me, the tiles in the shower started falling apart forcing us to fix the problem. (INSERT HAPPIEST FACE EVER)

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